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Michael Massimo
Michael Massimo

Precious Seconds

Michael Massimo
Precious Seconds
Touch The Sky
Come Out And Play
Back To The Wood
Too Much Fun
Something To Find

Precious Seconds

Endless waiting, quicksand register
Doing time in line at the five and dime
Needed aspirin for my cracking skull
You're killing time
It's mine, it's mine

Precious seconds are lifetimes
Precious seconds can fill in the hang time
Minutes multiply
I won't justify
Stealing my very precious seconds
It's mine, it's mine

Robbed again, toxic population
Insurance drones, policeman clones
Poison, pointless paperwork
Delays delays
You're killing days
It's mine, it's mine

Diner waitress, playing waiting game
Already late, you've sealed my fate
Killjoy headline hazard light
My patience thin
You're under my skin


Lucky Joe went down to the corner store
To buy his racing form, his cigarettes
Five will get you ten he's gambling again
On number 3 to win, ain't made him rich yet

He ain't no Secretariat or Man O' War
And since he turned four they want to take him from the game
The say it's over, his day is done
He's too old to ride and his running stride just ain't the same

But Joe knows something that the trainers can't explain
He shares more with this mare than just his name

Lucky, won't you win one just for me
Papa needs a new pair of shoes (all the bills are coming due)
And I'm counting on you
Run like Hell, run for your redemption
And we could both be saved, retire in style
And we could both be winners for a while

Joe lives in a shoebox on 9th & 38th
With his dog and his black and white TV
Getting older, the kids never call
And you can only go so far on Social Security

Worked his life on the docks loading cargo
Less and less tomorrow than the days gone by
He needs a payoff before the big sendoff
The war couldn't kill him but the cigarettes might

This disease for easy cash is his vocation
This horse could be the key to his salvation

The skies were clear at Belmont on that strange day
Fate would have it's way with good ol' number 3
Down the backstretch, he gave it all he got
A photo finish shot, the final victory

When they crossed the line and the jockey eased him up
He fell out of step and crashed to the ground
They had to put him down

Oh, Joe was Lucky, made so much money
And ten will get you twenty, he never bet again

And lived out his days with the widest grin
Thinkin' 'bout the win and his only friend


It is not you
It is is not me
It is the way we all still can be

In closed in confines
The masses squeal
And take everything that you feel

And I've found wisdom in the ramblings of madmen on the street
And solace in a stranger from the shadowland
And lost my mind so freely to find it once again
Behind asylum walls, wearing thin

Rattles and the roars
Make you think again
That technology might just not be your friend

But you are your own
You are your last decision
As long as you can dance with precision

Don't try to fight it
Let it feed at will
'Cause it's all a hole that you can never fill

And soon you will be one
You will move like the rest
You will learn to lose your resistance

And I've found wisdom in the ramblings of madmen on the street
And solace in a stranger from the shadowland
And seen a million chances gone without a chance
Dollars and dreams against the darkness

Touch The Sky

Well his father was a pilot like his father was before
But the life and love he gave was taken by the war
He believed what mamma told him when she told him not to cry
The spirit of his dad was in the sky

He found something of a comfort in the whispers of the wind
When he was mostly lonely and never fitting in
Always lifting him higher and helping to get by
Calling to his boy to come and fly
He knew that someday he would touch the sky

Fly away, away, away...

His first flight was fascination, liberated in the clouds
The sun was so much brighter than it was upon the ground
Yes, the soaring gave him something
Freed a lifetime from the loss
He knew that no one ever really died
Surely they were with us in the sky

Searching altitude for answers
Always asking as a child
A ghost connected with his living son
And smiled

Now he has his peace of mind, finally complete
A memory full circle, no longer mystery
There was someone flying with him
And he could not deny
He felt it touch his heart
Touch the sky

Come Out And Play

Beating me, repeating all the desolate behavior
The same mistakes show their face with each new pretty savior
A session of regression is at hand
Pretend at friends and meet her latest man

No, I won't come out and play tonight
Even I have had enough of all this melodrama stuff
I'm tired of second guessing, or third or fourth or fifth
And I have all but forgotten all the levels we are in
When every secret motive might betray or be so right
No, I won't come out and play tonight

Oh how I despise surprise but lives are bound to cross
Sneak attack, don't look back on what was there and lost
Reading my desire in disguise
No defense against the x-ray eyes

Drunk and lonely, one and only, behold the man of steel
In wasted bliss you can't miss the things that you can't feel
Nothing on the rocks can everlast
One good kiss and all of this will pass

Back To The Wood

I am returning to a place
To embrace the empty space
To a cabin that my Dad built in the woods
It's wearing well like well worn jeans
Stories from these joints and beams
Remain so ingrained from my childhood

And from the Earth into his hands
A carpenter had tamed the land
And made a solid home for us as best he could
To bring us all back to the wood

In a barn off a dirt road
Lived a man I used to know
Who built guitars from all the trees his family owned
From saplings yearning for the sun
He said one day he'd make me one
And taught me how to play as they all mellowed

And from the Earth into his hands
Through his roots and to this man
A land that held a promise that he understood
Giving life back to the wood

And when the time had come he got it done so skillfully
Marrying the Maple and Mahogany
Sand it down, tune it up and give to me
The sweetest six-string I had ever seen

As I sit and play a while
The smile returns to my inner child
I feel like I am flying through a fairy tale
The wind blows with gentle grace
The sun is warm upon my face
I see that life is really in the small details

And from the Earth into these hands
A friend of mine since I began
That sings to me in harmony that sounds so good
Taking me back
Taking me back
Taking me back to the wood

Too Much Fun

I saw the devil at my door one day
I told him to go home
We don't need your kind 'round here
Leave well enough alone
'Cause I get into way too much trouble on my own
And you're the last thing that I need to save my soul

He said "It's obvious you don't care much
For life the way you live it
I'd be doing you a favor
To take you to your limit
Why continue living when your heart just isn't in it
I've got just the place for your eternal visit
I've got just the place for your eternal visit"

I'm having too much fun in my hell
To leave and go to yours
I've perfected how to suffer
And I love the liquor stores
And I know someday I'll leave here
When the hurt don't hurt no more
And can't remember what I'm in here for

I've got a lot of good connections here
So good at disconnecting me
From the deepest, darkest caverns
Where I hide my enemy
But to survive the grind of feeble minds scratching at your knees
When confronted by the scars that everybody sees
The scars that everybody sees

So Lucifer you cannot tempt me
To leave my sweet abyss
Man has always sought his darkness
Since the dawn of Genesis
To feel as bad as bad as bad can be, to recognize the difference
To see the end of either way in each and every minute
To go to Hell and back and then to gain some distance

Something To Find

If you want to love me
Understand that it might take a while
To chip away at the granite inusulation
That keeps me cold at night

If you want to love me
You should know I just barely belive at all
And to get used to needing you
Could be one long hard crawl

I wish I could be nineteen and naive
And didn't need to know how to do without
Love leaves nothing but nothing behind
'Till someone needs something to find

Before you give your heart to me
You should know I make no guarrantees
I don't trust myself to tell whether this is love
Or a selfish tease

I wish I could be nineteen and naive
And didn't need to know how to do without
Love leaves nothing but nothing behind
'Till someone has something to find

Please don't get me wrong
It's just that it has been so long
And I don't want to lead you on
But we all need someone

I wish I could be nineteen and naive
And didn't need to know how to do without
Love leaves nothing but nothing behind
'Till someone is something to find


Tell my friends to tell my family
I am headed for the door
I am leaving all my favorite lies behind
I am gone forever more

Outrunning the becoming for the longest time
Was all that I could do
Can't be a man that stands for nothing any more
I am born into the new

The things I've always known (Ancient memories)
Only forgotten (Right in front of me)
Now is forever again and again and again

Gone forever
Never better
There's no turning back

The clock is laughing at the only joke he needs
I know the punchline but he tells it well
The King of Comedy: "It's just eternity,
see it for yourself."

A new identity, a change of scenery
Far away from home
It's so good for me to give into mystery
And give up some control

Tell my friends to tell my family
I am headed for the door
I am leaving all my favorite lies behind
I am gone forever more

Michael Massimo Michael Massimo Michael Massimo Michael Massimo

Michael Massimo

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