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Michael Massimo

Missing the fun of being in Todd's Theory (see below) and needing a project for extra cash to support the original thing, I answered an ad in The Aquarian Weekly for a band needing a charismatic lead singer in early 2003. The result was the latest incarnation Tequila Mockingbird. Our slogan: "Drink It In. Sing It Out".  Sadly, due to a lack of momentum and overall enthusiasm for the project, I decided to quit TM, and cover bands in general, in the Fall of '04.


Massimo - lead vocal, frontman freak
Frank Fiorito - guitar, vocals
Claudio Derme - bass, vocals
Chuck D'Angelo - drums

Demo Audio Files

"Cochise" - Audioslave  Michael Massimo
"My Sacrifice" - Creed  Michael Massimo
"Hash Pipe" - Weezer  Michael Massimo

Tequila Mockingbird

Michael Massimo

Active from 1999-2003, Todd's Theory was a four piece modern rock cover band I joined as a break from my solo career (see Perspective 3.3). It provided a nice diversion for me and an opportunity to immerse myself in the kind of music my original songs have been leaning towards anyway. We played a variety of current modern rock hits from STP, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Tool etc. as well as some classics that never got old. Our trademark was our somewhat eclectic song selection, choosing tunes other bands won't (or can't) to play. Being in the band finally allowed me to stretch out with my big voice which up 'till now was basically freaking out the coffeehouse/bookstore normals. Our slogan was "Modern Rock, Done Right" - IN TODD WE TRUST! Unfortunately, some of the members fell victim to the demands of the inevitable marriage/kids scenario and the group eventually disbanded.


Massimo - Lead vocals, frontman freak
Jack Glassman - Bass, vocals
Lane Myers - Guitar, loose change sound effects
Roger Sherman - Drums, vocals, Happy B'day crooning
Andrew Diem - Violin (occasionally)

Demo Audio Files

"Are You Gonna Go My Way" - Lenny Kravitz  Michael Massimo
"I Alone" - Live  Michael Massimo
"Monkey Wrench" - Foo Fighters  Michael Massimo
"Suck My Kiss" - Red Hot Chili Peppers  Michael Massimo
"Down"- Stone Temple Pilots  Michael Massimo

Michael Massimo
Todd's Theory

Michael Massimo Michael Massimo

Michael Massimo

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