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Michael Massimo
Michael Massimo

Newsletter and Tour Schedule for MICHAELMASSIMO

Vol.1 No.1
"All The News I See Fit to Print"

Massimo quits day job, announces plans for new album and tour That's right. I'm no longer working for THE MAN. Due to a lost account at the ad agency where I was working as a traffic coordinator, I have been laid off and I couldn't be happier about it. I have no plans to ever return to the land of the day job. (Yay!) I can now turn my attention to being a full-time working musician. That means playing as many shows as humanly possible (see back page) and writing new material for a new album, tentatively titled Precious Seconds. This new album will be a full band studio effort (!) and will be recorded in Orlando, FL during the Fall. Twiddling knobs again will be engineer/producer, Ed Self. Some of you may remember Ed for his fine work on Live in N.Y.C.. Material for the new album will include songs I've been playing live for a while but never recorded such as the title cut and Too Much Fun as well as plenty of brand new songs (!) yet to be written. In order to write these songs I am retreating for the summer to my beach house rental in Long Beach Island, NJ. So this may be the last time you hear from me for a while. I plan to do a few shows in the Jersey Shore Area (Buckelews/Sea Shell-Beach Haven, The Cove-Hazlet, Dr.Gimpi's-Atlantic Highlands), however these dates have yet to be nailed down as of press time. Remember, you can always stay in touch and get gig updates through the hotline: (908) 906-9891. With any luck, the CD will be finished by Christmas. Expect an early '98 release with an all out van tour of the Northeast in the Spring.

Live in N.Y.C. almost sold out There are only a few copies of the CD left. If you've been waiting to buy one because you know you can always pick one up at my shows, that window of opportunity is closing! Once they're gone it's doubtful I will do another pressing. CD's can be ordered by calling (800) 641-8995 or by sending a check for $10 to MM, PO Box 141, Edison, NJ, 08818-0141.

Fan appreciation gig update First, I would like to thank everybody for all your support over the past year. from club owners to DJ's and especially the fans, your appreciation for my music is what keeps me going. (Special thanks to the TKE's at UCONN for giving me a place to stay and showing me a good time!) To express my gratitude, I've been trying to put together some fan appreciation concerts where there would be no cover charge, free beer, and an opportunity to hear some new songs as well as a great hard pop band and fellow musical allies, Fickle Musheads. "Got my friends and ice cold beers, my favorite songs ringing in my ears..." The first idea was to have it at a NYC club. Unfortunately, even though I have offered to play for free and pay for beer, I have yet to sell the idea to any club owners. (Fools!) The second idea is to have an outdoor concert/keg party (must be 21 or over to drink)/barbeque/jam session at my summer rental in Long Beach Island. This could still be a viable plan provided my neighbors are up for it (who cares?), my housemates are up for it (they will be persuaded), and the police will grant some permit that I'm sure is necessary for this kind of thing (who cares?). I welcome any other ideas you may have; please call the hotline with any suggestions. Rest assured, I'm trying very hard to make something happen. Watch your mail for invitations. Tentative date is Sat. July 12th. Trust me - it will be worth the trip.

We are always looking for submissions for the newsletter. If you've got something interesting you'd like to share, send it to for inclusion in a future issue.

Michael Massimo

Skytide Music, PO Box 141, Edison, NJ 08818-0141 (732) 661-1941 Massimo Mailing List

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