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Michael Massimo

Newsletter and Tour Schedule for MICHAELMASSIMO

Vol.1 No.2
"All The News I See Fit to Print"

MASSIMO MISSING: PRESUMED CUTTING AN ALBUM Just a few more days and I am Florida bound. Along with getting a killer tan and a killer buzz this summer I've got a bunch of great new tunes written for this next album. I can't wait to record it!

Expect some surprises and prepare for some tunes to actually rock. The album is loosely based on the concept of time and hearing it from beginning to end should make for a nice musical journey. Tentative song list is as follows: Too Much Fun - a rock dialogue with the Devil, Lucky - story song about a gambler and the horse he bets on, Asylum - NYC cynicism, Come Out and Play - love song (one of only two!), Precious Seconds - angry rock in 64 time, Forever - a philosophical jam, Back To The Wood - story song with a nature theme, Something To Find - love song, Touch The Sky - story song about flight and recovery from loss, Good Day To Be Alive - a happy, feel good tune. You can get a sneak preview of some of these songs Thursday Sept. 4 at Downtime (see below).

I plan to return home around Christmastime and have a listening party sometime in January(?) (see below). A four part tour will start around March with each leg of the tour taking me to different parts of the Mid-Atlantic region. I'll focus on central Jersey and NYC first, then Philly/Jersey Shore, down into Delaware, through D.C./Baltimore, into CT/RI/Boston and finally from Albany downward to the lower Hudson Valley (Whew!)If anyone has any tips on venues/radio in these areas, please call.

The album will be serviced to radio stations in these markets about a month before I arrive there to do shows.For showcases in major cities I will finally have a band behind me as so many of you have suggested in the past. To all you musicians out there, I'll be holding auditions for band members when I get back. Needed: drummer, percussionist, bassist, lead guitarist, backup singers. Those that suck need not apply.

That's all for now. Next year promises to be the best one yet. Keep in touch through the Hotline (908-906-9891), I always check it and I would love to hear from you. Enjoy your winter - I'll have a gin and tonic for you on the beach. See you in '98!

Fan issued summons for playing "N.Y.C." POTTSTOWN, PA - Mr. Andrew Diem of High St. was pulled over less than a block away from his home by Officer Fritz of the Pottstown Police Dept. who cited a vague noise violation as the cause for the stop.

Diem had been listening to "Music" in his Jeep with the top down. (How much noise could a solo acoustic album possibly make?) When he asked the officer to cite the violation he was being charged with (a basic right for every U.S. citizen), the officer asked for Diem's Social Security number (what did he need that for?). When Diem refused to give the number, the officer threatened him with jail (!) and called two more police cars (the whole force!) to the scene evidently as reinforcements against such a dangerous criminal. Together the cops were able to successfully negotiate the Pottstown Law Code Book and write a ticket. Ten days later, Mr.Diem appeared before Judge Joseph Paladino to enter his plea of not guilty.

At a later trial date, the officer blatantly lied on the stand about the volume of the stereo and the direction the car was traveling. Miraculously, the charge was dismissed! Also a sport ute owner, the judge was sympathetic to the fact that louder volume is required on the road with a soft top vehicle. Rock on, Judge!

Complications force fan ap. gig cancellation I tried. BELIEVE me. It was a good idea on paper and I will find a way to get it done. I really want to do something nice for you guys. However, this time I could not fly my proposal past the Ship Bottom town council. Nor was I able to get the necessary signatures from my neighbors on a petition that was required by law. Not to mention the hassles of carding people to prevent the legal implications of underage drunks (not every one on my list is 21). And, noise violations on LBI are expensive. Hundreds of dollars.

If I'm going to have a party, I'm going to have a PARTY. Not some lame, toned down version of a party approved by THE MAN. I decided to put my time/energy/$ into writing/recording great songs for this next album. My apologies. Next bright idea: a listening party for the new CD in Jan. before it's release.

We are always looking for submissions for the newsletter. If you've got something interesting you'd like to share, send it to for inclusion in a future issue.

Michael Massimo

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Michael Massimo

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