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Alicia Keys) and Steve Turay (SNL Band)".

Dave Bokhour - bass:
This guy is so in demand even I havenít met him yet, "Dave has been on one stage or another since age 10. His Mom always told him to play whatever he felt. Outside that nurturing environment he was expected to "do what bass players do" (play "in the pocket" and out of the way). After more than 20 years of reconciling these two outlooks, Daveís playing has become a unique blend of melody and groove. His goal is to create bass lines that stand on their own, yet support and drive the rest of the band, and the listener. He includes Larry Graham, Stanley Clarke and Danny Partridge among his major influences. Dave is also the co-founder of Free House Productions which specializes in sound design and original music for theatre and film. (Hey, Iím intrigued. Roger says heís a "monster". Thatís jazzspeak for "obscenely talented". I canít wait to play with him).

Iím very excited to tell you all about the new website. I think it absolutely rocks. I havenít actually calculated, but itís got about 10 kermillion percent more content than the last version. (And thatís a lot. Believe you me).

New improvements include: completely new design/bio/pics, numerous downloadable songs from albums and past performances, lyrics to all songs (including all the new stuff from Reckoning thatís only being played live), a downloadable picture gallery of all my photography (including all album insert pics), links to over 100 radio stations (many of which are broadcasting live over the internet right now!), a direct mailing list/correspondence link, a diary of the Massimo music business day to day and the life that goes on around it (The Flip Side), an archive of this and all previous newsletters and full reviews, a new feedback section and finally a list of fun links to go waste time at. Can you tell Iím excited? Do check it out,, and let me know what you think. A big Ďthank youí to Doug Duhon for his expertise, patience and creativity in helping me bring my ideas to the computer screen.

No more regular mailings that is. Only email updates from now on. The cost of mailing these newsletters simply canít compete with the lower cost (read: free) of sending email. While I may mail The Ride out quarterly at best, email is really the best way to stay updated on the latest news (That and the website, of course. Have I mentioned the website?). You can use the link on the site to send me your email address or just drop a note to . Those that only know me from Toddís Theory that want to stay on this list should let me know because I wonít be sending to the TT list again (I know I hate it when I start getting stuff from some band whose list I never signed). And I know some of your addresses may have changed since ohso- long-ago but if you donít get this newsletter via email the week of the show, itís safe to say I donít have it anymore.

And Iíd hate for you to lose touch now. Because I have a feeling this ride is gonna get goodÖ.

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Michael Massimo uses DíAddario guitar strings exclusively.

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Michael Massimo
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