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Michael Massimo
Michael Massimo

Newsletter and Tour Schedule for MICHAELMASSIMO

Vol.3 No.1
"All The News I See Fit to Print"

BAND DEBUTS AT CD RELEASE PARTY With over 100 people in attendance, the CD release party was a huge success! I would even consider it historic (for me anyway).Thanks sooooo much to all who came! Let me say that again because it's worth repeating: THANK YOU!!! The band (Lane Myers-elec. guitar, Jack Glassman-bass, Joel Layton-drums, Adam Mazza-congas, Andrew Diem-bg vocals/aux. percussion) really kicked ass and gave fresh interpretations to the new songs as well as breathing life into tunes from the first album. People even danced! Those that stuck around for the late night set were treated to some modern rock covers by STP, Foo Fighters and Jane's Addiction. But why don't you hear about it from someone else besides me. Here's an eyewitness account as told by longtime fan, Chris Sheppard:

Like a poisoned monkey, I tilt back a 40 ounce with my homeboy from Jersey. Ye Olde Rock Show Beckons."Hot Dogs! Get yor hot dogs!" No thanks, man, got to get to the Rock Show. My man Massimo has been bustin' his arse to put this thing together for months, man! Got to be on my way, Mr. Eddie Vendor! The wind blows as cold as a witches teet but that won't keep me from my Rock Show! This is what it's all about. The CD Release gig. And I say to myself, "Do the people understand what it takes to get to this point?" All the late nights of drunken frustrations, ripping open the manic musical soul, creating the art not just for yourself but maybe to help make other people's lives better and spread understanding and good in this world. We need it! Shit, just living in Florida for four months is hellish struggle enough, right Michael? As John Lennon so aptly wrote, "You layed it down for all to see." Watch out!

The big man at the door took my money, gave me my disc and I was quickly off to the bar. 2$ drafts really make me move! Get out the way! Man you've got to love the electric atmosphere, pre Rock Show. People anxious to hear the new tunes, drink up and forget about our harried lives for a couple hours. There were many Massimo fans in the joint and it was good to see everyone there to support our boy - feel good for him on his night because we all know how much of himself he gives up to make this happen for our enjoyment! Massimo fans appreciate the passion. They are passionate people themselves.

Then the sonic waves poured off the stage and the people were impressed! The new stuff was powerful and moving and spiritual; the older songs were born again. The crowd rejoiced because Massimo was rocking us hard and we said "yeah this shit is great, it's all worth it and damn I hope he makes it, I need another beer because I feel my feets moving and my soul stirring, looking at the expressions on the faces, feeling, thinking 'wow', so many beautiful girls in the house and the celebration of potent Massimo music is making everyone happy!"

Next band gig: Feb. 26th, 9:30pm at the Bitter End (see below) Both CD's (as well as Precious Seconds t-shirts!) can be ordered by calling (800) 850-IUMA or by visiting (Should be up by the time you read this).

PLANS FOR '99 1999 looks to be one of the most exciting years yet! As you might expect, things are kicking into high gear in support of the new album. Aside from complete and total world domination (I watch too much Pinky and The Brain ) plans for the year will center around "getting the word out" in stores, on radio and in the press. Sure you know who I am, but there are many others who don't and how can we deny them the rambling repartee of these newsletters? Doing this myself would probably kill me and, as enticing as that sounds, who would feed my fish? To this end I am in negotiation with an indie label for a distribution deal and plan on hiring a radio promoter as well as a public relations person. Also, I plan to cultivate an ever-increasing web presence through several CD sites as well as setting up a site of my own. All of this means you will hopefully hear about me from someplace else besides here.Expect on-air appearances, in-store shows and a tour schedule that would kill Sammy Davis Jr. (Did you see the A&E special?). A spring trip to Boston is planned as well as the usual "summer concert series" in Long Beach Island. The band will showcase every couple of months in NYC, and in NJ and Philly on alternate months. Through all of this I'm going to try and write more (I say this in print so I'll feel guilty when I'm not writing. Bug me about it when you see me next). The next album is half done already! Meanwhile, I'm going to "party like it's...." 1989.

BAND TO PLAY BITTER END Those of you who missed the band at Downtime will have another opportunity to see this ever-better group at one of the Village's best venues, The Bitter End. Yes, The Bitter End, stepping stone to some of the biggest names in the business, place where the bulk of "Live In N.Y.C." was recorded will host me and the band on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 26th at 9:30pm (sharp!).Expect to hear some brand new, post-album stuff as well as some "hits" (Can I say that?) Very important gig. Finally performing not as an opener but as featured act. Last time I brought 8 people - very embarrasing. Promises have been made. I hope I can count on your continued support through 1999 as things get bigger and better. Remember without you, the fans, I'm nothing. We are becoming quite a force. Let's work together for the betterment of musickind. Independent music is alive and well and living in NJ!

We are always looking for submissions for the newsletter. If you've got something interesting you'd like to share, send it to for inclusion in a future issue.
Michael Massimo

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